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After few months of delay, Curses::Toolkit is now available on CPAN.

Curses::Toolkit tries to be a modern toolkit to implement semi-graphical interfaces using Curses. It's inspired by Gtk.

I gave a presentation of Curses::Toolkit at the French Perl Workshop 2009, and at the Open Source Developers conference France 2009. BooK presented it as part of a Lightning Talk at YAPC EU 2009 where I couldn't participate. Thanks to him for that. I will try to participate to London Perl Workshop this year and give a talk about it as well. I have received quite good feedback from people and users about it.

I'd like to mention that Jerome Quelin helped me with the initial release, injecting some Dist::Zilla magic into Curses::Toolkit. Thanks, Jerome.

What next ? I'll try to post a video of what is currently possible with Curses::Toolkit. I need to add more widgets and signals, and fix some bugs. Also, migrating to Moose is on the todo list. The module is usable now, but you can't really build a very nice big application with it.

Want to help ? If you have some free time, please consider helping me on next development of the module. You don't need to be a coder, here are some of the things you could help with :

If you're interested, contact me. The source is here
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