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PromCon2017 - Prometheus Conference 2017

This post is a list of things that I found interesting about Prometheus and its ecosystem while attending PromCon2017, the Prometheus Conference, the 17th and 18th august 2017 in Munich (Germany). Things are not split per talks; instead I have gathered information from all the talks and grouped them by topics, so that it’s more organised, and easier to read.

The conference was very nice, well organized, and with a good mix of talks: technical, less technical, war zone experience, (remotely) related topics and products. It was a medium-sized one track conference, which are the ones I prefer, as one can grasp everything that happens and talk to everybody in the hallways.

Best practises - general

Best practises - metrics and label naming

Best practises - alerting

Remote storage



Alerting tools

Meta Alerting




Prometheus limitations

Prometheus v2

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