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Migrating to Jekyll

30 Apr 2011 - Paris

So, this post is about migrating this blog from Typepad to Jekyll, using a small Perl script.

The reasons why I’m moving away from Typepad are :

And blog engines are not hype anymore :) Seriously, I was looking for something easy and simple, and compatible with my geek side.

Back in the days, I remember that I enjoyed a lot using nanoblogger. But it’s too slow, and you need to host it yourself.

So I followed the current trend, and set up my pages on github, and transfered my posts from Typepad to jekyll.

Jekyll is :

But the real power is that it can be coupled with github’s pages. So I feel right at home, and so editing code and pushing to git(hub) (stuff I do everyday) won’t be different from editing blog posts and pushing to github.

Oh, but how did I migrate my blog posts from Typepad to Jekyll ? I couldn’t find any migration script on internet or importers in jekyll, so I wrote a quick and not so dirty Perl script. it’s all on github here : the mighty typepad_to_jekyll ! Feel free to fork it. Feedback welcome :)

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