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Perl, fun again!

I’m happy to announce a new Perl event that will be held in Paris (France) next Monday, presented by the French Perl Mongers.

It’s called Perl, fun again!

It will be held at La cantine Monday 5 March 2012, in the evening.

La Cantine

From 19:00 to 22:00, a set of short talks (15 min) will be given. I expect a wide audience, beyond Perl users, primarily geeks, coders, web designers, administrators, basically IT-related people with some knowledge of programming ( in any language), and interested in seeing what makes Perl so appealing these days.

I organised the event ( representing the French Perl Mongers ), with the help of Laurent Boivin, and La cantine, kindly hosting the event for free. I managed to enroll 8 speakers, including some well-known Perl figures, to deliver the following set of talks. Of course, in French :) :

19:00 - Perl Intro ( Sylvain Lhullier ) - Modern Perl Object with Moose (Damien “dams”Krotkine )

20:00 - Dancer, the light web framework ( Alexis “sukria” Sukrieh ) - Perl and NoSQL, with MongoDB. ( Jean-Marie Gouarné ) - Build a webservice easily with Dancer & Spore ( Camille Maussang )

21:00 - How to deploy modules and applications with Perl ( Vincent Pit ) - Debug and profile with Perl and NYTProf ( David Morel ) - Perl development, Perl future ( Rafael “rgs” Garcia-Suarez )

I’d like to thank the speakers to devote their time and passion to help promoting Perl in France.

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