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Dancer is community-driven

Long time I haven’t blogged about Dancer.

Antelink is a french startup, specializing in Software Life Cycle Management and Open Source Component Detection. They provided us with cool Dancer sourcecode analyzis graphs.

Overall contribution by users

.pm files contribution by users

Pod files contribution by users

Test files contribution by users

Reading these graphs

UPDATE : The surfaces represent a mean between the number of commits, and the weight of modifications contributed (in term of “code line”), only when these are original content addition. Moving content around isn’t counted as active contribution.

Note that some people are registered twice with different names, I’ll try to post an updated version

What does that demonstrate ? It shows that Dancer is really powered by its community. Decisions are made together, the code is hacked by multiple hands, and the management is done in a collegial manner on github.

It’s a great reward to be visible on these graphs :)

More Graphs

UPDATE : Erwan (@Labynocle) sent me new graphics, they show the difference between core devs and contributors. By the ay, Erwan will be at the French Perl Workshop in Strasbourg, France.

So here we go :

.pm files contribution by groups

Pod files contribution by groups

Test files contribution by groups

As a side note, I’ve proposed 2 talks related to Dancer for YAPC::EU. One called “Dancer + WebSocket + AnyEvent + Twiggy”, and an other one mixing Dancer, Log::Message::Structured and Message::Passing.

Let’s hope they’ll get accepted !

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