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This is going to be a short post. I’m the new maintainer of Redis.pm, the most used Redis Perl client. Pedro Melo was the previous maintainer, but due to Real Life, he is unable to continue. I’d like to thank him for all his efforts so far in maintaining and improving this module. I hope I’ll be able to achieve the same level of quality. Pedro will actually stay around for a while, watching over my shoulder and giving his opinions about stuff, to allow for a smooth transition.

We’ve used this maintainership change to improve the tools we use around this project. So we’ve moved the code to the github’s PerlRedis organization (notice the cool logo), and I’ve performed quite a few code cleanups and housekeeping.

But the big thing is the creation of a mailing list, that aims at gathering forces around Redis support in Perl. It’s located here, and hosted by the good folks at ShadowCat Systems Limited (thank you guys).

It is not limited to the Redis.pm module: any Perl related Redis topic is welcome, including other Perl clients. So if you have any interest in Perl and Redis, feel free to subscribe !


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