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MooX::LvalueAttribute - improved

New and Improved!

Just a quick note to mention that following Mike Doherty’s bug report, I’ve released a new version of MooX::LvalueAttribute.

This release (version 0.12) allows you to use MooX::LvalueAttribute in a Moo::Role, like this;

    package MyRole;
    use Moo::Role;
    use MooX::LvalueAttribute;

    package MyApp;
    use Moo;

    with ('MyRole');

    has name => ( is => 'rw',
                  lvalue => 1,

my $object = MyApp->new();
$object->name = 'Joe';

So now it’s easier to specify which classes will have lvalue attributes and which one won’t. Until now I avoided adding a flag to globally enable lvalue attributes across all Moo classes (without having to say lvalue => 1). Maybe that’s something some of you would like ?

Anyway, that’s all folks! Nothing revolutionary, but I’ve been told we should talk more about what we do, so that’s what I’m doing.

For more detail about Moox::LvalueAttribute, see my original post

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